Previous Farmsafe Conferences

Farmsafe Australia holds a biennial Conference to bring people together to look at ways to reduce injury on Australian farms.The Conference aims to facilitate the exchange of 电竞菠菜盘information,research and innovation,with the desired outcome being to develop practical solutions for addressing farm safety.

See Farmsafe Conference 2018 for details about the upcoming conference this year from 3-5 October.

Past Conferences

Farmsafe Australia Conference "Safe Farms - Healthy Farmers" Launceston 15-16 October,2014

The links below provide access to presentations and papers that have been approved for release from the 2014 Conference.
Presentations / papers approved for release:

Health Farmers & Education
1.Mills - Building safety strategies for future farmers
2.Dunn - Engaging rural youth in life long safety
3.Smith - Educating adults in WHS through the VET sector
4.Livingstone - FarmLink SCARF
5.Smitran - Live well farm well
6.Deczynski - Cancer in NSW farmers

Work Safety
1.Kode - Accidental injection with veterinary products
2.Gaffney - Animal impacts and farm gates
3.Monaghan - Sustaining Australia's 电竞菠菜吧older farmers
4.Williams - Farmers work day noise exposure
5.Taylor - Codes of Practice applicable to agriculture
6.Lower - Farm injury fatality data an ounce of prevention

Quads - Safer Vehicles & Safer Use
1.Lower - Quad fatalities in Australia
2.MacDonald - Hidden in plain view - what you see on page 3 (Paper)
3.Thomas - Quad ROPS in NZ
4.Lower - Active riding & stability
5.Richardson - Quad bike mechanical asphyxiation
6.Franklin - Quad bikes a wicked problem
7.Clark - Reducing quad bike injury by herding dairy cows with robots

Lessons From Other Industries
1.Byron - Aviation safety management
2.Sadler - Safety lessons from mining

Previous Farm Safety Conferences:
1995 - 1st Farm Health and Safety - Wagga Wagga,NSW
1997 - 2nd Farm Health and Safety Conference - Whyalla,SA
1999 - 3rd Farm Health and Safety Conference - Cairns,昆士兰
2001 - 4th Farm Health and Safety Conference - 'Farm Injury Prevention' - Warnambool,VIC
2004 - 5th Farm Health and Safety Conference - 'Farm Safety in Action'- Bondi,NSW
2007 - 6th Farm Safety and Safety Conference - 'Leading Change'- Adelaide,SA
2009 - 7th Farm Health and Safety Conference - 'Time for Change'- Perth,WA
2012 - 8th Farm Health and Safety Conference - 'Are you remotely interested?!' - Mt Isa,昆士兰
2014 - 9th Farm Health and Safety Conference - 'Safe Farms - Healthy Farmers'-Launceston,TAS